B7 BioDiesel Fuel

The world is facing climate crisis. It’s crucial that corporate move towards more sustainable source of fuels.

One of the ways we can do our part is by using sustainable fuel. It can range from green hydrogen, green ammonia, biodiesel, etc.

The closest that’s within reach and very similar alternative to our fossil fuel would be biodiesel. They can range from:

  • B5 (5% Biodiesel content)
  • B7 (7% Biodiesel content)
  • B10 (10% Biodiesel content)
  • B20 (20% Biodiesel content)
  • B50 (50% Biodiesel content)
  • B100 (100% Biodiesel content)

The Biodiesel content is very dependent on local regulations and availability of biodiesel in the country.

Used Cooking Oil Methyl Ester (UCOME) and Fatty Acid Methyl Esters (FAME) has been around for the longest time and were not widely adopted because various teething technical and stability issues. You can search “Problems with biodiesel / UCOME / FAME”. It is a very long list with many videos to show the engine component issues.

The diesel engine is the most expensive and complex part of the diesel vehicle/equipment. We want to save the world but not at the expense of the precious diesel engine.

Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (HVO) is widely tested and adopted by many engine makers. Therefore, we focused mainly on Biodiesel with Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (HVO) content.

Biodiesel with Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (HVO) content is available in Asia. B5, B7, B10, B20, B50, B100 biodiesel (or whichever bio content) is available in:

  • 200 Litres Drum, 1000 Litres IBC Tote Tank
  • 24000 Litres ISO Tank
  • Vessel Load
  • Direct Vessel Bunkering

However due to the extremely high demand for HVO, lead time is long.

Contact Us via email [email protected] to indicate your interest. So that we can get in touch with you once supply is available.