Kerosene has various applications ranging from:

Solvent, washing of machine parts, etc.

Product Specifications

Below is a general specifications for Kerosene. It serves as a general guideline. All Kerosene supplied will be from Major Refineries like Chevron / Caltex, ExxonMobil & Singapore Petroleum Company (SPC), specifications may vary. Specifications can change without prior notice.

S/N Inspection Test Method Limits
1 Appearance Visual Clear & Bright
2 Total Sulphur, % m/m IP 336 0.30 max
3 Doctor Test IP 30 Negative (*1)
4 Flash Point, °C IP 170 (*2) 38.0 min
5 Density @ 15°C ASTM D4052 (*3)/D1298 0.775 to 0.840
6 Smoke Point, mm ASTM D1322 25 min (*4)
7 Specific Energy, Net MJ/Kg ASTM D3338 42.8 min
8 Corrosion, Copper Strip
(2 hr ± 5 min @ 100°C ± 1°)
ASTM D130 No. 1 max


Due to continual effort to improve our products, the information contained herein is subjected to changes without notice.

Notes: *1 Alternatively : Mercaptan Sulphur, % m/m = 0.0030 max by ASTM D3227.

In the event of conflict between Mercaptan and Doctor test results, the

result of Mercaptan Sulphur shall prev

*2 Alternatively: If results obtained by Tag method ASTM D56, the limit shall be

40°C min.

*3 Referee method

*4 Smoke Point : Point = 19 min plus Naphthalenes, % v/v=3.0 max by ASTM D1840


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